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Wild Woman Tea

Wild Woman Tea

This delicious blend of Hibiscus, Red Raspberry, Strawberry, Marigold, Oatstraw & Damiana tea is formulated from wild flowers, to awaken the Wild Woman within. A wild woman is in touch with her higher self and is one with all living things. Her personal life, in her career, in the very core of her being, are constantly in a state of  expansion.  This combination of herbs and flowers help support the cardiovascular system, nervous system, immune system and helps regulate blood sugar levels. It's rich in antioxidants, eases pain, and promotes uterine health. Perfect for women and non-binary folks.Ritual: The best way to prepare this tea is to mix 1 tablespoon per 8oz cup of room temperature water. Allow to steep for 2-4 hours (up to 8 hours), then strain and serve. Refrigerate for up to 3 days.  Or, mix 1 tablespoon per 8oz cup of hot water. Do not boil herbs.Mantra: I am a wild woman. I dance to the rhythm of the universe.

    Hibiscus contains vitamin C, a strong antioxidant responsible for keeping our immune systems healthy. It also has been known to prevent liver damage, support cardiovascular health and keeps skin glowing and youthful. 

    Red Raspberry contains B and C Vitamins and a number of minerals, including potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and iron. It reduces blood pressure, protects against atherosclerosis, balances hormones and strengthens the Uterine Wall, which in turn serves as a Fertility and can stimulate labor.

    Calendula has been shown to strengthen the immune system’s ability to fight off infection due to it's antimicrobial properties. It aides the digestive system and improves gut function. 

    Oatstraw relieves stress, calms emotions, reduces depression, enhances clear thinking, aids digestion, stabilizes blood sugar, reduces inflammation.

    Strawberry Leaf purifies the blood, treats symptoms of arthritis and reduces symptoms of nausea, bloating & stomach cramps.

    Rose enhances your mood, relieves headaches, soothes sore throat and skin irritations & contains Antioxidants.


    While Hibiscus tea may be a safe and natural way to help lower blood pressure, it's not recommended for people taking Hydrochlorothiazide, a type of diuretic used to treat high blood pressure, which may interact with the drug.

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